How to avoid problems of exudation and efflorescence in semi-flexible exterior masonry coatings

The trend in recent years for more colourful façades, coupled with the growth of point-ofsale tinting and the use of new generation, lower VOC colorants, has led to increasing issues for paint manufacturers in terms of surfactant leaching or exudation, especially with higher-build, semi-flexible coatings that are naturally binder-rich, due to the high levels of surfactants present in medium and deep tone paints.

Well aware of the continuous evolution of the market and anticipating the demand for new technology, Omnova Solutions has developed an innovative solution for formulation of masonry coatings with excellent resistance to exudation and efflorescence. The new, environmentally friendly binder incorporates technology that minimizes the amount of water soluble materials that can leach from the coating, and so significantly reduces the possibility of unattractive surface staining occurring under certain unfavourable drying conditions.

Additionally, this Low Exudation Binder has all the advantages of current best-in-class binders for masonry coatings, and has built-in flexibility that gives it more versatility in terms of application, extending its use to formulation of semi-flexible coatings, where crackbridging ability is a requirement. A further feature is its ability to be applied under adverse conditions.

This paper will describe the new technology, and the multiple possibilities that it will offer to the paint manufacturer.