Integration of bio-based raw materials within...

3M commercialize under the brands Post-It® and Scotch® a variety of products integrating adhesive materials in every-day life applications : repositionable notes, adhesive tapes, glue sticks and tubes etc…Since they were launched, these products have seen their constructions constantly improved, leveraging on the work of 3M laboratories, especially in the USA and in Europe (France and Belgium) An even more significant evolution, progressively implemented on several product ranges since 2010, consists in substituting petroleum-based raw materials by bio-based ones in the manufacturing of the adhesive formulas.
An offer with plant-based adhesive is now available :
- Since 2010 on glue tubes with Scotch® 99% natural glue
- Since 2012 on Scotch® adhesive tapes, with Scotch® Magic™ 900 – A greener choice
- Since 2014 on Post-It® repositionable notes, with recycled Post-It® note range
Some of these developments have been conducted entirely in 3M France R&D center. Other projects were initiated in the USA and have resulted in technical adaptations in France and Belgium to be implemented on European product ranges and production sites.
Thanks to Life Cycle approach implemented in 3M, these new product developments did not only include changes in the adhesive part, but were part of a more general evolution in both product and packaging design.
The presentation will provide details about the approach taken by 3M to develop these new adhesives, and about the technical work needed to adapt it to several product families. Elements regarding the complexity of assessing the environmental benefits of these new adhesives will also be discussed, and balanced with the need to take strategic decisions in supporting innovative technologies such as bio-based chemistry.