Meeting current and future legislation with the next generation of low emission coalescing aids

Over the past few years, several global voluntary and compulsory schemes have been introduced to improve indoor air contamination by limiting emissions.

In many cases it is not feasible or desirable to lower the overall emissions of a coating by simply reducing, or completely removing, the coalescents present in the formulation as this will have a negative effect on the performance and quality of the final paint film.
Offering an enhanced portfolio of coalescents provides the coatings formulator with more options for designing a range of products from traditional coalesced systems to the latest low emission systems. While paints that meet the highest emission standards can be formulated with traditional coalescents, adding new low emission coalescent technology to our portfolio allows formulators options for transitioning away from volatile to non-volatile coalescents when required. These newer coalescent technologies have extremely low emissions and odour that meet the most stringent voluntary and compulsory global regulations.