Novel epoxy toughening agent for VOC free epoxy based coatings

In the market there is a trend to switch from solid to liquid epoxy systems, as these allow for low VOC formulations. A negative is that a coating loses flexibility by choosing for liquid epoxies, but on the other hand higher hardness will be achieved. It has always been a challenge for epoxy formulators to combine flexibility and hardness without impacting other required properties.

Croda introduced B-Tough C2x, an epoxy functional toughening agent to the market. This novel technology is based on reaction induced phase separation, caused by a newly designed toughening agent. To meet growing market demand for VOC free solutions, Croda, developed a VOC free, low viscous BTough C2r. In both types, the toughening agent brings performance properties such as excellent impact resistance - even at lower temperatures-, improved flexibility whilst maintaining hardness, low viscosity (allowing for ease of handling and formulation) and the material is non-migratory due to epoxy functionality.

The technology and the results will be discussed in this paper.