The Association of French Technicians in Paints, Varnishes, Printing Inks and Adhesives (AFTPVA) and the media group Infopro Digital are partners in organising Eurocoat 2020.
Promoting the industrial development of the sector in France and Europe, the AFTPVA and the Infopro Digital Group, encourage not only ideas exchanges but also the diffusion of scientific and industrial breakthroughs.

The Association of French Technicians in Paints, Varnishes, Printing Inks and Adhesives (AFTPVA) has so far acquired a fairly long experience since its foundation in 1947. It is also the most prominent booster for painting, varnish, printing ink, glue and adhesive industries in France.
Th association counts about 400 members, engineers and technicians, among five regional sections. These sections and the Glue and Adhesive Group organise technical and social meetings all along the year and so far provide its members constantly scientific and technical information about their profession and its advancement.
The association also organizes with the CoRI (Coatings Research Institute of Brussels) the "Forum de la Connaissance", a high-level scientific event. Additionnaly, AFTPVA develops training courses throughout a professional association, AFPEV - Paint Training Association.


Infopro Digital is a leading player in the business-to-business information media in France. Among others, the group edits the leading magazines Galvano Organo, Double Liaison, Emballages, Formule Verte, Info Chimie, Industrie Pharma, L’Usine Nouvelle and LSA. It organizes more than 200 events in sectors like coatings, packaging, automotive, aeronautics, chemistry,...

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